Award-Winning Supplier:

  • BorgWarner Automotive Supplier of the Year
  • Honeywell- Award-Winning Supplier


“C&N is a very good, competent supplier. I know I can count on their quality on very difficult parts. C&N is willing to work through issues whether they are ours or theirs. I appreciate the level of detail they pay attention to. I have known and worked with them for the better part of 15 years. I know I can count on YOU!”

“C&N has been one of our most trusted vendors, we like the quality and the commitment to always deliver on time.”

“I’ve personally never run into an issue with C&N and from the way things tend to go between us I don’t foresee any problems either. You are all great people and I thank you for working with me on my very often demanding schedule.”

“Appreciate quick response to engineering changes.”

“Congratulations on being awarded the BorgWarner PTC Prototype Supplier of the Year Award. The award is being given to only our highest performing prototype suppliers that have met or exceeded the criteria set forth by BorgWarner, which includes quality performance, delivery performance, cost performance, capability, and customer support.”

“Thank you for your efforts to deliver quality tooling on time and within budget.  Manufacturing companies such as yours are valuable assets.”