Controls & Automation

To assist customers across industries in meeting critical process demands, at C&N Manufacturing we are proud to offer industrial automation solutions along with custom controls design.

Our competencies include machine tie-ins, retrofitting, and upgrading as well as turnkey solutions and specialty machinery. We also boast specialized experience in equipment for material handling and assembly. System sizes from a single cell up to 80’ lines are accommodated, incorporating components such as conveyors, leak testers, robots, and quality control aspects including vision systems and various sensors.

Customers can receive stand alone and small assembly line configurations. Our portfolio includes a range of system types to handle a variety of customer operations including pack in/pack out, error proofing, part inspections, pick and place transfer equipment, and front and rear end fascia.

Robotic workstations and systems include inspection systems, auto tracking, and unloading cells. Manual, automatic, and PLC control modes are possible. Systems integrations include hardwire and wireless network integration, SCADA data gathering and analysis software, and full service controls. Other available integrations include Zebra printer, Telesis dot peen marker, laser markers, barcode and 2D marker scanners, and 3D displacement sensors. Our project managers guide customers through all manufacturing phases from design, to building, installation, and training.

Our experience with controls programming, modifications, and electrical designs allow customers to achieve solutions tailored to their operations. We are equipped to handle all aspects of machine control assemblies including complete panel builds, upgrades, and integrations. We manage hardware and software design of custom interfaces including HMI or operator interfacing, and web page interfacing. Our electrical panel designs include furnished CAD drawings. PLC platforms include Allen Bradley, Siemens, and GE. All of our products and processes are in strict conformance with the highest standards of industry, highlighted in our AS9100C, ISO, COGNEX , certifications, as well as our AIA certification as an advanced level vision professional.

All of our products and processes are in strict conformance with the highest standards of the industry. For more details about our custom automation and controls solutions, or our other innovative capabilities please see the table below or contact us directly.

General Capabilities
Machine Panel Build
Hardware and Software Design
Custom Interface
Web Pages Interface
HMI/Operator Interface
Controls Modifications
Controls Programmers
Controls Project Management
Electrical Design
Electrical Panel Design – CAD Drawings Provided
Machine Tie Ins – System Integration
Retro Fit
Start-Up and Controls Commissioning
Technical Support
System Types
Pack In/Out Systems
Error Proofing – Poka Yoke
Part Inspection
Pick and Place Transfer Equipment
Robotic Systems
Unload Cell
Inspection Systems
Front and Rear End Fascia
Stand Alone
Small Assembly Line
System Boundaries
From a Single Cell to an 80ft Line
Main System Components
Leak Testers
Manual Systems
Vision Systems
System Control ModeAutomatic
System IntegrationNetwork Integration
Full Service Controls
Network System Integration
Misc. Equipment Integration
Zebra Printers
Allen Bradley PLC
Siemens PLC
Telesis Dot Peen Marker
Laser Markers
3D Displacement Sensors
Barcode and 2D Mark Scanners
Additional Services Provided
Product Design
Additional Programming
Ladder Logic Programming
Small System Integration
Lead Time
24 hrs. to 10 Weeks
Industry Standards
ISO Certified
AS 9100C
COGNEX Certified Vision Integrator
AIA Certified Vision Professional – Advanced Level
Industry Served
Material Handling
Specialty Machinery
Robotic Workstations