Vision/Traceabiliy Systems & Integrations

Vision Systems

  • 2D Code Recognition
  • Adhesive Sealant Bead Inspection
  • Assembly Verification
  • Body Panel Identification
  • Color Recognition Systems
  • Engine Timing Verification
  • Error Proofing
  • Part Assembly Checks
  • Part Identification
  • Part Inspection
  • Part measurement
  • Robot Guidance - Autotracking

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    What is Machine Vision?

    Left: Sunroof Ring Assembly / Right: Vision Inspection of Stamped,
    Punched Holes and Profile Verification

    Bearings, caps, rods
    Vision Inspection Station
    Located in the repair loop line

    Data Matrix for Traceabiliy

    Interface for verification feature

    Valve Body Stand for checking presence
    of inserted component.

    Valve Body Vision Inspection
    for balls, clips, valves