Prototype/Details/Short Run Production

  • Prototype and Short Run Production Components for:
    • Transmission and Ride Controls
    • Transmission, fuel and hydraulic pumps
    • Electronics Compasses
    • Fuel and Hood Openers
    • HVAC Systems
    • Shocks and Struts
    • Air Bags
    • Torque and Strain Gages
  • Non-Production Details
  • Replacement Tooling
  • Machine Repair Parts
  • Assembly Hand Tools


We take pride in the fact that we can machine parts that no one else will attempt.

We maintain our customer base through consistent quality.

We can hold tolerances of + or - .0001".


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Prototype Nylon
Manifold Housing

Protoype Manifold and
Matching Spool

Cast & Machined Pallet Stop for Transfer Line

Steel Adjustment Screw

Solenoid Housing

Solenoid Valve Body

Valve Body

Brass Worm Gear for HVAC

Prototype Nylon Entry Nozzle

Knurling Ring

Prototype Aluminum

Prototype Manifold Machined From Solid

Air Hammer Drive Tool

Aluminum Valve Body

Nylon Nest

Snap Ring Installation
Fixture Detail

Vee Block Fixture for
Drive Axle Tube